Estate tavern


 Our team, the centre of which is the head chef Michael Auerswald, uses fresh, regional products and is always guided by what's available in the market.

Menus are varied once a month and you can read what the „delicacy of the week“ is on our cellar doors.

To whet your appetite and so that you can not only drop in for a glass of wine and delicious Spundekäs [spread of cream cheese, quark and sour cream], here's a little extract from our menu…

Hors d'oeuvres

Veal broth with flat cakes and little vegetables
Porcini consomeé with bread dumplings
Marinated lamb cutlets in ratatouille salad
Goat's cheese with hazelnuts baked in apple-pear-chutney

Main course

Wild boar sausage in pea-potato puree and Pinot Noir sauce
Veal filet with fried chanterelles and creamed potatoes
Braised shoulder of beef with root vegetables and Schupfnudeln [thick noodles made with flour, potatoes and eggs]
Spinach bread dumplings with roast trumpet mushrooms and basil oil


Sorrel ice cream in strawberry salad with vanilla sour cream
Chocolate creme brûlée with tangerine sorbet