A warm welcome to the Altenkirch vineyard.

Lorch is a unique place: At one of the narrowest parts of the Rhine the ̈Taunus mountain range plunges nearly 60 % down into the valley, squeezing the river between breath-taking steep slopes. The sun's rays strike with all their power on richly mineral slatey soil – can you think of a better place ̈for creating Riesling? Hardly any, as this has been a great pl̈ace for just that since 1826, the year the Altenkirch vineyard was founded.

The steeply sloping location of Lorch is one of the reasons for thë quality of Altenkirch wine: evrything is handcrafted. This is because even in places where the slate sometimes cannot keep hold on the mountain, mechanical harvesters are even less helpful. Our wines are craft products in the best sense. In other words: customised, individual p̈ieces. Another factor is the soil, creating a natüral interplay between grapes, slate and Rhine valley. We cannot control this processs even if we wished to.