Our vineyards are our capital! They provide a distinctive terroir in a unique location. Only by persistent and environmentally-conscious wine-growing can we maintain this gift of nature over the long-term. Close observation of nature is the basis for keeping alive a functioning ecosystem. Integrated crop protection with minimum intervention and refraining from the use of insecticides are for us self-evident. We even exclude the use of synthetic fertiliser and prefer spreading compost from our own composting.

Modern technology meets traditional processes. This type of constructrion and location of a vineyard on a slope has allowed us to use the force of gravity as a product-protecting means of transport. This allows us to cut use of the exhausting pump process for the grapes, must and wine to a minimum. Our cellar technology allows us to apply targeted temperature control during fermentation of the wine so that we can deliberately affect the residual sugar content and aroma development. Good wine needs time - this is what we give it. We oppose the general trend of bringing new vintages to market as soon as possible. Distinctive lees and maturing in a barrel or in a stainless steel tank gives the wine longevity and body. Our aim is to foreground the minerality of our stoney soil and not produce a wine determined by primary aroma.
Spontaneous and purposeful - the right mix! We work both with spontaneous fermentation and also use selected yeasts. Both variants have their advantages which we make use of.

We fill up with pure wine! Through persistent vineyard labour we create the basis for high-quality wine. Maintaining quality is achieved by individual wine cultivation and gentle processes. Using chemical additives that simulate body or influence the taste experience of the wine drinker never enters our minds.
Our wines are also suitable for vegetarians, since we do not use gelatine or other wine treatment agents of animal origin.

A fair trade vineyard – what does that mean for us? Since our vineyards are marked by handcraft we use a reliable and experienced workforce. Only with fair salaries and work conditions can we keep our team over the long term. Also from an ethical perspective we strictly reject low wages, which unfortunately are now the norm in vineyards.